The flute is not a traditional major solo instrument but Taub… has nearly made it one…

R.M. Campbell, Gathering Note

Earshot Serves as Platform for Thriving Seattle Scene – Paul DeBarros, Downbeat, 2019 

Peteris Vasks, A Composer Portrait – Thomas May, Memeteria, 2019

Composers from the Baltic, Philippa Kiraly, The SunBreak, 2014

R.M. Campbell of Gathering Note celebrates 30 years of Paul making music in Seattle, 2009

It all adds up. One performer, four flutes and 10 new pieces. Gavin Borchert, Seattle Weekly, 2006

North (Europe) by Northwest (America) by Richard Taruskin, NY Times, 2004

The four members of the Seattle Chamber Players… have consistently presented the new, the unusual and the downright offbeat in their 14-year history…

Melinda Bargreen, Seattle Times

Chamber Players deftly mine Russian Works said R.M. Campbell, Seattle P-I, 2003

Slonimsky Still Has That Perfect Pitch by Carolyn Ayon Lee, Seattle Times, 1990